Is Duncan Campbell ill?

Is Duncan Campbell ill?

UB40 star Duncan Campbell has announced he is quitting music after suffering a seizure at his home last month amid a multitude of health woes. The singer, 63, is in recovery from a stroke last year and has now stated that he has ‘reluctantly decided to retire’ from the band, which also features his brother Robin.28 June 2021

What happened to Mickey from UB40?

After years of success including world tours and three UK No 1 singles, Ali Campbell left the band in 2008 to pursue a solo career. Mickey Virtue quit shortly afterwards.12 Dec 2018

Are there 2 ub40s?

What are the different versions of UB40? There are technically two versions of UB40 now performing. The original UB40 – with Robin Campbell as lead singer – have the rights to the official UB40 name, and have continued to perform and release music together. Their most recent album was 2019’s For the Many.17 Sept 2020

Is Ali Campbell and Robin Campbell related?

James Brown, Earl Falconer, Norman Hassan, Brian Travers, Michael Virtue, Terence ‘Astro’ Wilson, Ali Campbell and his brother Robin Campbell; eight names that will make the British reggae-pop lover’s heart beat faster, and that for over 43 years now.

Has Astro out of UB40 died?

‘ UB40 star Astro has died, aged 64. The musician real name Terence Wilson was a part of the Birmingham-based band for more than 30 years. Breakaway band UB40 featuring Ali Campbell and Astro announced the news on Twitter, writing: “We are absolutely devastated and completely heartbroken.”24 Nov 2021

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Who left UB40 with Ali Campbell?


Why did Ali leave UB40?

On 24 January 2008, UB40 lead singer Ali Campbell announced that he was leaving the band after a dispute with the management; UB40 announced that they would carry on. On 30 April 2008, UB40 unveiled Duncan as their new lead singer.

What happened between Ali and Robin Campbell?

After the band stayed together with a few lineup changes for nearly 30 years, frontman Ali Campbell decided to quit in 2008. It was originally said that this was so that Campbell could concentrate on solo projects, but Campbell later said he was leaving due to management and business arguments.

Is Astro from UB40 dead?

6 November 2021

Is Ali and Duncan Campbell related?

Duncan Campbell replaced his brother Ali in the band’s line up in 2008, who left after disagreements over management. Duncan Campbell, the lead singer of the reggae group UB40, has revealed he is retiring from music, after having a seizure at his home earlier this month.28 June 2021

Has Astro from UB40 died?

November 6, 2021

How old was Astro from UB40 when he died?

64 years1957–2021

Who died from the band UB40?

Terence Wilson

Why did Astro from UB40 died?

Terence Wilson, a founding member of UB40 who was known by fans of the pioneering reggae band as Astro, has died following a short illness. He was 64. Wilson’s death was confirmed Saturday on the official Twitter page for his group, UB40 featuring Ali Campbell & Astro.7 Nov 2021

Who left UB40?

Duncan Campbell

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Has Astro left Ali Campbell?

Astro was a member from the late 1970s until 2013 when he left to team up with Campbell and keyboardist Mickey Virtue as part of tearaway outfit UB40 featuring Ali Campbell and Astro.

What happened to the lead singer of UB40?

Duncan Campbell retired from UB40 in June 2021 due to ill health, following a stroke he had suffered the previous year; he was replaced the following month by Matt Doyle of fellow Birmingham reggae band Kioko.

Why did Duncan Campbell leave UB40?

“Unfortunately, due to continued ill health, I have reluctantly decided to retire from the band so as to focus on my recovery,” Campbell said in a post on a UB40 fan site.28 June 2021

Are all members of UB40 still alive?

On 5 July 2021, it was announced that Matt Doyle (formerly of the reggae band Kioko) would become the band’s new vocalist, following Duncan Campbell’s retirement due to ill health. Travers died from cancer on 22 August 2021, and Astro died on 6 November 2021 following a short illness.

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