Is the Black Bay 58 A good watch?

Is the Black Bay 58 A good watch?

Arguably Tudor’s most popular current model, at least among watch enthusiasts, the Tudor Black Bay Fifty-Eight has a massive following and is frequently touted as one of the best divers and one of the best everyday watches on the market.13 Apr 2022

Are all Tudor watches COSC?

On the other hand, all of Tudor’s watches are COSC chronometer-certified, but they still flaunt that their movements are more accurate than the standards. Tudor boasts that their timepieces are 40% more accurate than the minimum accuracy necessary for the certification, which is true.

How thick is the Tudor Black Bay 41mm?

The Tudor Black Bay Diver Specifications The MT5602 calibre is cased in a 41mm wide, 14.8mm thick case with a lug to lug of 50mm.Aug 1, 2021

Is Black Bay 58?

That 1958 watch was the revered “Big Crown” Ref. 7924, known for its 8 mm crown without crown guards. It is for this reason that the entire collection is known as Black Bay Fifty-Eight (hence ’58).7 Jan 2021

What movement is in the Black Bay 36?


How thick is Black Bay?


What is the lug width on a Tudor Black Bay 58?

Watch straps for the Tudor Black Bay 58 Blue Make sure you pick up 20mm wide watch straps as the Black Bay 58 has a 20mm lug width!Jun 8, 2021

Is the Black Bay 36 A good watch?

In my experience, the Tudor Black Bay 36 is a great little watch that I’ve found to be extremely versatile. It’s comfortable to wear, looks great with any outfit, and features some capable specs. Let’s take a closer look at this simple three-hander from Tudor with its stunning blue dial.6 Jun 2019

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What is the strap size of Tudor Black Bay?

The Black Bay has been a huge success for Tudor, capturing the hearts of both vintage watch lovers and buyers of new high quality timepieces. We have curated our favourite 22mm straps that lift this watch to new heights.

How accurate is the Black Bay 58?

The accuracy of the Tudor Black Bay 58 is extraordinary. The calibre MT5402 movement which is COSC certified, stays within 4/+6 seconds variation per day. Over a span of 93 days, an owner even reported a 0.12 seconds per day variation. Its timekeeping is premium quality.

Is Black Bay 36 COSC?

As mentioned, the Black Bay Steel & Gold watches all receive in-house movements and COSC. Interestingly, all four sizes receive four unique calibers. The 31mm uses the MT5201, the 36mm uses the MT5400, the 39mm uses the MT5602, and the 41mm uses the MT5601.

What is the lug size for Tudor Black Bay?

In addition, owners of the reference 79250BA can find an extensive selection of designer watch bands that fit the 23mm lug size of the Tudor Black Bay Bronze with our Structure Series or iUnique Straps.

Is Black Bay 36 a dive watch?

Although the Black Bay 36 is not intended as a dive watch. As shown by its fixed, shiny bezel, in place of a rotating one with a diving insert. It’s still water resistant to a respectable 150m though. Inside the Black Bay 36 is the self-winding Calibre T600.

How thick is the Black Bay?

The normal Black Bay 58 (the good Black Bay dive watch) is 11.9mm thick, with 200m water resistance.Apr 1, 2022

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How thick is Black Bay Chrono?

14.4mm thick

How many mm is Tudor Black Bay?


Is Tudor Black Bay COSC?

This in-house movement is a COSC certified Chronometer and has an impressive power reserve of about 70 hours and oscillates at a rate of 28,800 VPH (vibrations per hour).

What is the lug width on Tudor GMT?

The 22mm lug width means plenty of our range looks great on the GMT which is where WatchGecko comes in.26 Sept 2019

Is the Tudor Black Bay 36 COSC?

On top of that, Tudor managed to make it a certified COSC chronometer, meaning it’s a super accurate watch come hell or high water. But Tudor has also done great work packing a super-accurate ETA movement into the Black Bay 36.

What is the difference between Black Bay and 58?

The Black Bay 58 is a much sleeker model, as it measures at a smaller 39 mm and is 11.9 mm thick/tall. This is much more in line with the proportions of modern dive watches, and was by the most prevalent criticism of the previous model, so it’s good to see that it was taken seriously by Tudor.

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