What red goes with brown hair?

Reddish-brown, also known as auburn, is a color that is a mixture of red and brown. It can vary in intensity and tone, but generally it is a warm color that can add a rich and elegant touch to any outfit or hairstyle. When choosing a red to go with brown hair, it is important to consider the undertone of the brown hair. If the brown hair has warm undertones, a reddish-orange or reddish-pink red may be a good choice. If the brown hair has cooler undertones, a deep, burgundy red may be more flattering. It is also important to consider the intensity of the red, as too intense of a red may overwhelm the brown hair and be too bold of a contrast. A lighter, softer red may be a better choice for a more subtle and natural-looking color. Ultimately, the best red to go with brown hair will depend on individual preference and the specific tones of the brown hair.

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Author: truegoodie