Where do Clemson students sit at football games?

Where do Clemson students sit at football games?

For Clemson home games, the student seats are found in sections A-B, AA, and KK on the lower level. Additional student seating is located in section A on the U Level (section UA), as well as sections A and B on the Top Deck (sections TDA and TDB).

How are the seats numbered at Clemson football stadium?

Clemson Memorial Stadium Seat Numbers Each split side of the section contains only odd or even number, with seats 1, 3, 5, 7 on one side and 2, 4, 6, and 8 on the other side of the aisle. Any section along the sideline will have odd numbers closest to the 50-yard line.

How much does a Clemson football ticket cost?

Clemson football season tickets are $380 a ticket for the 2021 season. A season ticket includes one ticket for all six home games.

How does Clemson football seating work?

The vast majority of seats are bleacher seating, meaning no chair backs. The only designated sections with chair backs are the West Zone Club and covered seats. You may find chair backs in other sections, but that is because long time season ticket holders will have chairbacks fastened to their seat number.

What are the best seats at Michie Stadium?

The best seats in the stadium are in the “loge” section, but those tickets are usually a bit hard to find compared to others. If you like sideline seats, look for tickets in sections 9-16 (upper level is U9-U16) for west side seating or sections 26-31 on the east side.

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How are the rows numbered at Levi’s stadium?

LEVI’S STADIUM SEAT NUMBERS Seats in each row start with No. 1 and that seat is the one closest to the previous section. For example, in section 132, seat No. 1 would be the seat closest to section 131.5 Sept 2019

Where can I tailgate at West Point?

Tailgate Policy & Procedures Tailgating is permitted in all public parking areas. Saving parking spaces is prohibited; Spectators wishing to park together must enter the lot at the same time and must display matching parking passes. Glass containers are prohibited.

How are seats numbered at Arrowhead Stadium?

The upper level seats at Arrowhead Stadium consist of sections 301 through 346. The rows for most upper level sections are numbered 1 through 40. The rows for the upper level sections in the end zones are numbered 1 through 15.

What are the seats called in a stadium?


Can you tailgate at Michie Stadium?

For the ultimate experience, rent the Tailgate Suite at the stadium itself — equipped with DirecTV, interior lights, a bar, high-top tables, a rooftop deck, and more. Included in the Tailgate Suite are 30 tickets to the game, eight parking passes, and basic catering.

How many rows are in each section at Bank of America Stadium?

There are between 21-38 rows in the Upper Level of Bank of America Stadium depending on the section. The endzone sections have the fewest rows with the corner sections having the highest number. The sideline and midfield sections have approximately 34 rows.

How big is Army’s football stadium?

Michie Stadium /ˈmaɪki/ is an outdoor football stadium on the campus of the U.S. Military Academy in West Point, New York. The home field for the Army Black Knights, it opened 98 years ago in 1924 and has a current seating capacity of 38,000.

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Where do the cadets sit at Army football games?

Cadet Seating These sections are located on the east side of the stadium and section 28 is right behind the visiting team’s bench.

How are stadium seats numbered?

Seat Numbering All seating sections are numbered beginning on the south side of the arena and continuing in a clockwise direction. Viewed from the floor, seats are numbered across the row from left to right, beginning with 1. The rows are numbered from the bottom of the section to the top, also beginning with 1.

Where do the cadets sit at Michie Stadium?

Cadet Seating Sections 25-28 are reserved for Army Cadets. These sections are located on the east side of the stadium and section 28 is right behind the visiting team’s bench.

How are the rows labeled at Nissan Stadium?

For example, in Section 113, Seat 1 is on the side closest to section 112. Another important thing to keep in mind is that Nissan Stadium uses Row letters, not numbers. The rows in the 100′s sections go from A to Z, and then from AA to LL. Typically each row has 24 seats (1 to 24).

What is Row 1A at Bank of America Stadium?

The 500 level seats at Bank of America Stadium consist of sections 501 through 554. The rows for the 500 level sections are numbered 1A through 34 (row 1 is the 2nd row).

How many seats are in Michie Stadium?


Does Michie Stadium serve alcohol?

No beer is available inside the stadium, but you can buy beer and food at Black Knights Alley, and the Benny Havens Band plays there before games.

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Do they sell beer at Army football games?

No beer is available inside the stadium, but you can buy beer and food at Black Knights Alley, and the Benny Havens Band plays there before games. Grant Hall.

How are the rows numbered at Bank of America stadium?

The lower level consists of rows numbered from 1-20. Middle End Zone seats are located above the 100 level, in Sections 201 to 206, 224 to 234, and 252 to 256. The Middle End Zone consists of rows 1-20. The 300 level consists of rows 1-21.23 Nov 2019

How are Allegiant stadium seats numbered?

Floor seating consists of as many as 24 sections, numbered A through T, with sections A and C closest to the stage. Behind the stage, sections include 114-132.

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